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Kashmir Beyaz Ksar Ghilane

House name: Kashmir

Date of birth: 1/04/2020

Mother: Izz al-Din Ksar Ghilane

Father: Kamran Schuru-esch-Schams

PRA: Clear

Degenerative myelopathy : N/N

Inbreeding coefficient 12,99%

German import


Kashmir is very dynamic, although she loves sleeping on the bed or sofa when possible.

He loves playing with everyone in the house and pestering the elderly.




DeCh Xelim Schuru Esch Schams

WW18 DeCh Enkidu Schuru Esch Schams


DeJCh DeCh Kamran Schuru Esch Schams

Inbreeding coefficient 12.74%

DeCh Tahmina Schuru Esch Schams

DeCh Lina Schuru Esch Schams

MultiCh Madani Schuru Esch Schams

Zaya Schuru Esch Schams

WW18 Dech Enkidu Schuru Esch Schams

MultiJCh EuroSW16 Mahal Nazar Schuru Esch Schams

DeCh Izz al-Din Ksar Ghilane

MultiCh Chameh Schuru Esch Schams

Bensekrane's Saff at Shi'Rayan


 Inbreeding coefficient 0.00%

DeCh V'Hadiyya Shi'Rayan


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Legend abbreviations

WW18 - World Champion 2018

EuSW16- Eurosighthound Winner 2016

DeJCh- Young German Champion

DeCh- German Champion

MultiCh- Multi Champion in different countries

MultiJCh- Multi Junior Champion in different countries

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