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This section is dedicated to all the seminars we have attended over the years.
It is very important to stay up to date on every little detail in order to guarantee the best for our dogs and puppies.

Dog Breeding Management

Interesting seminar offered by the feed company Monge held on 8 May 2019 at the zoomark in Bologna.

Silvia had the opportunity to participate and to discover stimulating innovations in the management of dog breeding.

Attestato Silvia 2019.jpg


Online seminar held by Dr. Domenico Multari expert in eye diseases.

Clara learned about the different possible eye diseases in puppies and adults and the different hereditary diseases.

oftalmologia attestato_page-0001.jpg

Advanced Nutrition Seminar

Online seminar held by doctors Giacomo Biagi and Debora Guidi regarding nutrition and management of delicate periods in dogs. 

Clara learned how to manage correct nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the growth of the puppy and in the case of Chronic Enteritis. 


Master Dog Breeder First Module

First training module of the Master Breeder provided by ENCI.

Clara followed the two-day online seminar about the different breeding techniques, behavior in puppies and new mothers, and followed the news about the herd book.

Attestato Master Clara 2021.jpg

The Old Dog

Very interesting webinar to help us understand even better the needs of our life partner even in his third age.

Know behaviors, the right physical activity and how to help him in everyday difficulties.

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