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Vardamak Wadi Al-Rummah

House name: Wadi

Date of birth: 12/12/2020

Mother: Multi Ch Magistere Maik At Vardamak

Father: Multi Ch Alwaahid Calim

PRA: Clear

Coefficient of inbreeding 1.41%

Available as a stud

Wadi is a gentle giant.

He is really very expansive even with those who do not know and love to invite them to play and be the center of attention. Very dynamic and fast runner, he loves to play with his mum and Kashmir.

Great snow lover like his brothers.


Moulay El-Mehdi Al Kamsha

WW MultiCh Ghazoot Baqiir

Se Ch Tillieville Xahna Douh


WJW MultiCh Alwaahid Calim

Inbreeding coefficient 8.56%

WRC ERC Multi Ch Fateh Ibn Abu Sheik el Arab

Alwaahid Badi'a

Multi Ch Alwaahid Azmika

Magistere Fayoum

Magistere Ispahan


MultiCh Magistere Maik At Vardamak

Coefficient of inbreeding 11.23%

Magistere Betil

Tahar Al Tarek d'Imni-N-Tanout

Magistere Ghalia

Magistere Chamade

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Legend abbreviations

WJW -  World Junior Winner 
WW- World Winner
MultiCh - Multi Champion in different Countries
If Ch- Swedish Champion
WRC - World Raicing Champion
ERC- European Raicing Champion

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