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Magistere Maik at Vardamak


House name: Maik

Date of birth: 17/08/2016

Dam: Magistere Ghalia

Sire: Magistere Ispahan

Tested for degenerative myelopathy

PRA: Clear

Inbreedign Coefficient 11,28%

Titles: Junior Italian Champion, Junior Top Dog 2017, Junior Mediterranean Winner 2017, Top Dog 2018; Italian Champion, Hungarian Champion, French Champion, Slovenian Champion, International Champion, Euro Sighthound Winner 2019, ENCI Winner 2019, Latin Winner 2019, Selected Breeder

French Importation


Maik is a very special greyhound.

Lively and very expansive with us, slightly wary of those who do not know.

Magistere Badri

Magistere Fayoum


Magistere Ispahan 

Inbreeding coefficient 23.34%


Magistere Sarkar

Magistere Betil

Magistere Phayrouz

Pandit Schuru Esch Schams

Tahar Al Tarek D'Imi-N-Tanout


Magistere Ghalia

Inbreeding coefficient 2,10%

Ophyr Al Nefoud D'Imi-N-Tanout

Magistere P'tit- Boheme

Magistere Chamade

Magistere Phayrouz

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